Marsha Harris Scott
Real fashion is not about being's about eye appeal. The romance and illusion of times past, but still in the present.
The only rule is that women always wish to be alluring. The modern woman desires to be feminine, yet strong.
Beauty and charm. Ideally, that's what fashion is about. And, what makes perfect fashion is that frisson of excitement that comes when you see something new...balanced with the desire to wear it forever.
Each new collection of Marsha's will offer varied representations of classic designs, as well as fashion-forward new looks... with design inspirations derived from universal creative endeavors, as well as the most dynamic fashion runways.
This beautiful, delightful collection will be ever faithful to the femininity and fluidness of the designs, and will always be a step ahead of what's happening now !
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for now I'm thinking how nice it would be to just be sitting along the French sidewalks enjoying a glass of wine & a small plate of cheeses...
of course, Houston has nothing like this because of our severe summer heat.
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